Ackland is the new Champion!

Monday January 27, 2014. | DTN Media |

Last Saturday night at the Esperance Speedway it was Chris Ackland who raced his way to victory in the 22nd annual holding of the WA 360 Sprintcar Championship, doubling as round five of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series.

Ackland started from position three in the all important final, but then had a stroke of luck when pole sitter Shaun Bradford spun on the opening lap and was collected by two other cars, causing damage to his front end and ending his campaign for a second title. Ackland worked his way ahead of fellow front row starter Troy Anderson at the restart and recorded a comfortable victory over Anderson, while third place went to Steven Ford who worked his way back through the field in an impressive drive after going to the rear due to being involved in the incident with Bradford. Corey Hunter and Owen Ahchee rounded out the top five.

In winning the 360 Sprintcar WA State Title Chris Ackland will also take home a DMI Diff, as well as a $200 gift voucher, thanks to the sponsorship of Storm Motorsports Australia, .

Earlier in the night nine qualifying heat races were held, with Shaun Bradford being one of only two repeat winners. He claimed the opener ahead of Ian Woods and Ackland, while heat two went to home town hero Steven Ford ahead of Stephen Adley and Daniel Hawkins. The final heat of the opening round saw Sean Zemunik working his way around the outside when two other cars came together and pushed up, leaving him nowhere to go but into the wall and upside down in a big way. Zemunik's car was heavily damaged and his weekend was over, while Corey Hunter went on to win the race from Rod Snellin and Troy Anderson.

Heat four saw the red lights on once more as Aldo De Paioli found himself upside down on the back straight. The race restarted and it was Dean Terry who took the win from Bradford and Cory Gilpin. Heat five saw the red lights on for the third time in as many races, with Steven Treasure taking a ride on the wild side after contact with Corey Hunter, putting them both out. Troy Anderson went on to claim the win from Danny Attwood and Daniel Hawkins while the final heat of round two went to Ackland over Owen Ahchee and Snellin.

The final round of heats kicked off with Bradford claiming his second win ahead of Ford and Gilpin. Dean Terry became just the second repeat winner of the night as he claimed heat eight from Ackland and Hunter while the final heat of the weekend went to Daniel Hawkins over Anderson and Snellin.

Action continued Sunday night at the Esperance Speedway as round six of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series took place!

Official Results

Heat One - 1. Shaun Bradford, 2. Ian Woods, 3. Chris Ackland, 4. Aldo De Paioli. DNF: Rob Willis, Cory Gilpin.

Heat Two - 1. Steven Ford, 2. Stephen Adley, 3. Daniel Hawkins, 4. Danny Attwood, 5. Dean Terry, 6. Brad Alabach.

Heat Three - 1. Corey Hunter, 2. Rod Snellin, 3. Troy Anderson, 4. Owen Ahchee. DNF: Sean Zemunik, Steven Treasure.

Heat Four - 1. Dean Terry, 2. Shaun Bradford, 3. Cory Gilpin, 4. Stephen Adley. DNF: Aldo De Paioli, Brad Alabach.

Heat Five - 1. Troy Anderson, 2. Danny Attwood, 3. Daniel Hawkins, 4. Steven Ford. DNF; Corey Hunter, Steven Treasure.

Heat Six - 1. Chris Ackland, 2. Owen Ahchee, 3. Rod Snellin, 4. Ian Woods, 5. Rob Willis. DNS: Sean Zemunik.

Heat Seven - 1. Shaun Bradford, 2. Steven Ford, 3. Cory Gilpin, 4. Stephen Adley, 5. Danny Attwood. DNS: Sean Zemunik.

Heat Eight - 1. Dean Terry, 2. Chris Ackland, 3. Corey Hunter, 4. Owen Ahchee, 5. Brad Alabach. DNS: Aldo De Paioli

Heat Nine - 1. Daniel Hawkins, 2. Troy Anderson, 3. Rod Snellin, 4. Rob Willis, 5. Ian Woods. DNS: Steve Treasure.

Feature Race - 1. Chris Ackland, 2. Troy Anderson, 3. Steven Ford, 4. Corey Hunter, 5. Owen Ahchee, 6. Daniel Hawkins, 7. Dean Terry, 8. Brad Alabach, 9. Stephen Adley, 10. Rod Snellin. 11. Danny Attwood. DNF: Shaun Bradford, Aldo De Paioli, Cory Gilpin, Rob Willis, Ian Woods. DNS: Steve Treasure, Sean Zemunik.


360 WA State Title Podium - (L-R) 2. Troy Anderson, 1. Chris Ackland, 3. Steven Ford (Picture by Mel Parker)