De Paioli wins the battle, but Terry wins the war!!

Sunday April 20, 2014. | DTN Media |

The final night of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series certainly went off with a ban at the Perth Motorplex, with some close finishes and an exciting new feature winner, while some of the better placed series competitors struggled for results, but despite it all, we are proud to announce that Dean Terry has hung on to win the series!
Aldo De Paioli was the man who outlasted all comers as he raced away to claim tonight's feature win just under two seconds ahead of his nearest placed rival in Jake Beard-Miller. He dominated the final stages of the race, setting a fastest lap of 14.137 seconds, some 0.6 seconds ahead of the next fastest competitors best time. Steven Ford claimed third place in the feature while Dayne Kingshott (driving the Monte Motorsports #7) and Daniel Hawkins rounded out the top five.
Series leader coming into the round, Dean Terry, came home in ninth place, while Ackland (sitting in second in the overall standings before tonight's round) came home in twelfth place. With these finishes now added into the series, it is now official that the winner of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series for the 2013/14 season is Dean Terry!
Terry hung on to win the series with 1150 points, with Ackland coming home in second place. Steven Ford was a mere 32 points behind Ackland in third place while Owen Ahchee finished fourth and Cory Gilpin and Daniel Hawkins rounding out the top six. The full series point score will be released in the coming days.
In regards to tonight's action, each car qualified to start the night, with Jason Pryde fastest in group one, Daniel Hawkins fastest in group two and Jake Beard-Miller fastest in group three and indeed overall, recording a 14.678 second lap.
Steven Ford opened the nights official proceedings with a three second win in the opening heat ahead of Aldo De Paioli and Jake Beard Miller, while heat two was a huge win to Owen Ahchee as he crossed the line first 3.6 seconds ahead of second placed Paul Peet and third placed Cory Gilpin.
Heat three saw the only major incident of the night when Kent Roberts rear axle broke, sending him for a ride on the wild side. He and his team will be working hard through the night to get the car ready for tomorrow's nights show. Jason Pryde went on to win the heat from Dayne Kingshott and Aldo De Paioli by a narrow margin while the final heat of e night saw Jake Beard-miller race away to record the biggest win of the night, some four seconds ahead of second placed Sean Zemunik and third placed Daniel Hawkins.
The 360 Sprintcars will now spend the night cleaning, repairing and maintaining their machines in readiness for tomorrow's nights Marty Chamberlain Tribute race, once again at the Perth Motorplex. With drivers now racing for individual glory rather than for series points, all will be going harder than ever to lock away that win!
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Official Results
Qualifying Group 1 - 1. Jason Pryde 14.765, 2. Dayne Kingshott 14.976, 3. Cory Gilpin 15.136, 4. Dean Terry 15.342, 5.
Steve Adley 15.611, 6. Owen Ahchee 16.238.
Qualifying Group 2 - 1. Daniel Hawkins 15.028, 2. Kent Roberts 15.110, 3. Steven Ford 15.215, 4. Daniel Harding 15.484, 5.
Michael Keen NTT.
Qualifying Group 3 - 1. Jake Beard Miller 14.678, 2. Aldo De Paioli 14.929, 3. Chris Ackland 14.970, 4. Sean Zemunik
15.094, 5. Corey Hunter 15.389, 6. Paul Peet 15.572.
Heat One - 1. Steven Ford, 2. Aldo De Paioli, 3. Jake Beard Miller, 4. Steve Adley, 5. Corey Hunter, 6. Dean Terry, 7. Kent
Roberts, 8. Terry Cutts.
Heat Two - 1. Owen Ahchee, 2. Paul Peet, 3. Cory Gilpin, 4. Daniel Hawkins, 5. Chris Ackland, 6. Dayne Kingshott, 7. Trevor
Jolly, 8. Sean Zemunik. DNF Michael Keen,
Heat Three - 1. Jason Pryde, 2. Dayne Kingshott, 3. Aldo De Paioli, 4. Chris Ackland, 5. Steven Ford, 6. Owen Ahchee, 7.
Steve Adley. DNF Trevor Jolly.
Heat Four - 1. Jake Beard-Miller, 2. Sean Zemunik, 3. Daniel Hawkins, 4. Dean Terry, 5. Corey Hunter, 6. Paul Peet, 7. Cory
Gilpin, 8. Michael Keen. DNF: Kent Roberts.
Feature - 1. Aldo De Paioli, 2. Jake Beard-Miller, 3. Steven Ford, 4. Dayne Kingshott, 5. Daniel Hawkins, 6. Cory Gilpin, 7.
Paul Peet, 8. Sean Zemunik, 9. Dean Terry, 10. Jason Pryde, 11. Owen Ahchee, 12. Chris Ackland, 13. Michael Keen, 14.
Trevor Jolly, 15. Steve Adley, DNF: Corey Hunter. DNS: Kent Roberts, Terry Cutts.



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