Pigdon's Pay Day!

Sunday March 2, 2014. | DTN Media |

Courtesy of previously competing in more than two rounds of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series and then winning tonight's round seven feature race, Trent Pigdon has claimed the handsome sum of $5000.

Although it doesn't cover all the costs of sprintcar racing, the winnings will go a long way to help the team and Trent certainly deserves it after tonight's performance.

After starting on the front row of the feature, Pigdon was dominant throughout, surviving a number of restarts and then building up a decent gap over the rest of the field each time the race went green.

Indeed the race took a number of tries to get underway. The twenty starters greeted the green flag but came under the first yellow of the race when Sean Zemunik spun after starting on the front row and Daniel Harding was forced to take evasive action, seeing both cars stranded on the back straight. Luckily both were able to restart the race, albeit from the rear. 

The next stoppage occurred when Kent Roberts found himself stranded on the man straight and Todd Davis had nowhere to go, launching himself over Roberts car and landing hard, putting him out of the race. 

As the yellows came on for this incident, Jason Pryde and Rod Snellin found themselves tangled up in the exit of turn two, seeing Pryde roll over and Snellin suffer significant damage. Steven Ford had nowhere to go and ended up mounting the side of Pryde's car, the front of his machine pointing skyward as he too came to a stop. All five cars were unable to restart, plus Terry Cutts had headed infield, leaving us with a field of fourteen cars for the third attempt.

The field almost got a lap in on the next start, but these hopes were thwarted when Troy Anderson managed to end for end his machine in a monumental crash in turn three, coming to a rest up against the concrete safety barrier. He climbed out, shaken but not harmed, but the same could not be said for his once immaculate machine.

Take four and the now thirteen starters went green again before Porter lost the model and spun infield in turn two. We could have had another complete restart but stewards allowed a lap to be completed before turning on the yellows, allowing for a single file restart with nineteen laps to go.

While Pigdon built his lead after the restart, Jake Beard-miller was the big mover, managing to pass Dean Terry for second. Unfortunately he looped it and allowed Terry and Kris Coyle to pass him, but he was able to keep the car going and rejoin in fourth place. From here, Beard-miller fought hard to work his way back into second place. Unfortunately lapped traffic saw him making contact with Rhiannon Burleigh and both were forced out of the race with five laps to go.

While all this had been going on, Daniel Harding had been quietly been making his way back through the field and would restart the race in fourth place. He made short work of Terry on the restart, then quickly rounded up Coyle, but couldn't quite get the move done, running out of laps and coming home in third place behind winner Pigdon and second placed Coyle.

Earlier in the night the six heat wins had gone the way of six different winners. Sean Zemunik claimed the opener, while Dean Terry claimed the second. The third heat saw the only real incident within the preliminaries when Aldo De Paioli spun and was missed by most of the field except for Joshua Treasure who then rolled heavily and ended his night prematurely. Pigdon went on to win the heat. Heat four went to Corey Hunter while Beard-miller took out the fifth. Daniel Harding then caught Owen Ahchee and passed him right on the line, winning by just 0.087 seconds in the final heat to claim the win.

The B Main saw ten cars competing for a transfer spot. Owen Ahchee got the jump with Burleigh fighting into second place and Ryan Schlam into third, but unfortunately Schlam then slammed the back straight wall to bring out the yellows. Cory Gilpin moved into third on the restart while Daniel Hawkins went to fourth. From out of nowhere came Paul Peet as he went outside both to claim third before half spinning and being hit by Hawkins, bringing out the yellows and eliminating both from the race. With four to go Todd Davis snuck under Michael Keen for the final transfer, and the order didn't change, with Ahchee defeating Burleigh, Gilpin and Davis.

The MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series now has a break before the penultimate round at Kalgoorlie Speedway to be held on the 5th of April. Stay tuned for all the latest in the lead up to the event including an up to date point score and a list of nominating drivers.

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Official Results
- A Main - 1. Trent Pigdon, 2. Kris Coyle, 3. Daniel Harding, 4. Corey Hunted, 5. Dean Terry, 6. Chris Ackland, 7. Cory Gilpin, 8. Owen Ahchee, 9. Danny Attwood, 10. Danny Porter. DNF: Sean Zemunik, Jake Beard-miller, Rhiannon Burleigh, Troy Anderson, Rod Snellin, Jason Pryde, Terry Cutts, Kent Roberts, Todd Davis, Steven Ford.

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Trent Pigdon is a happy man after last night's success at Bunbury Speedway, - Photo Mel Parker