Monte Mauls ‘Em in Manjimup!


DTN Media / SAWA PR posted Monday March 21, 2016.


Luch Monte last Saturday night returned to the driver’s seat in an almost perfect performance, claiming QuickTime before going on to lead every circuit of the twenty lap feature race in the Keen’s Driver Training Challenge, supported by Dynamite Dan’s Cleaning Services and MG Fabrication, doubling as round six of the 360 Sprintcar Power Series..

Fourteen cars rocked up the picturesque Manjimup Speedway in the states south west, with a number of cars forced to withdraw prior to racing.

Luch Monte set Quick Time in qualifying, recording a 14.116 second lap to defeat Aldo De Paoli who clocked in with a 14.149 second lap. Ben Van Ryt and Michael Keen rounded out the top four qualifiers, with all four separated by just 0.072 seconds.

The opening heat saw Darren Mewett down Jamie Landrigan and Luke Hughes, while the second saw Daniel Keen race out to a huge lead. After suffering issues in time trials, Keen started from the front row and made the most of it, until the final corner when his car drastically slowed. Luckily Keen had enough of a lead on the rest of the field to coast across the line in first, followed by Robert Mould and Todd Davis.

Heat three saw Monte leading from the beginning, being pressured by Michael Keen. With two to go Keen managed to grab the lead from Monte, then shortly after the yellows came on for Kaiden Manders who became stranded in turn one. On the restart Keen was away and went on to win, while Monte was deemed to have hit the cone on the restart and was relegated at the finish of the race, handing second to Jamie Landrigan while Monte was officially third. The final heat was incident free, with Ben Van Ryt recording a good win over Aldo De Paoli and David Hall.

Next up were the dashes, with Jamie Landrigan downing Kent Roberts, then Aldo De Paoli and Michael Keen in the dash events before he was defeated by Monte. Monte then downed Van Ryt in the final dash for the pole position. David Hall then won the Mid Pack Madness event from Todd Davis, who suffered serious mechanical issues as he crossed the line which would result in him being unable to start the final.

With Davis’ withdrawl and Darren Mewett also unable to join the field, the final would start with twelve drivers. Robert Mould pulled off during the formation laps, leaving eleven drivers to take the green. Monte would race straight into the lead while Michael Keen settled straight into second.

On lap nine Monte found himself in traffic, which allowed Keen to close on Monte, but just one and a half laps later the yellows were on for Landrigan who was facing the wrong way on the back straight.
Monte made the most of the restart and raced away again, while Daniel Keen back in fifth place had a momentary lose which cost him a few positions. As the laps wound down Monte would build his lead and although Michael Keen would try hard, he just couldn’t reel him in, Monte grabbing the win from Michael Keen. Ben Van Ryt rounded out a fantastic night to be third as the flag flew while Aldo De Paoli was fourth. David Hall came home fifth while Kaiden Manders charged through the field to finish sixth.
Luke Hughes, Daniel Keen, Kent Roberts and Daniel Salter rounded out the other finishers.

Courtesy of his hard charging efforts, Kaiden Manders is also the recipient of a brand new right rear tyre, while each heat winner, being Darren Mewett, Ben Van Ryt, Daniel Keen and Michael Keen will receive a brand new left rear tyre.

The 360 Sprintcars now have a week’s turnaround before they return to action once again at the Perth Motorplex on the 26th of March for the next round of the 360 Power Series.

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Official Results

Qualifying - 1. Luch Monte 14.116, 2. Aldo De Paoli 14.149, 3. Ben Van Ryt 14.165, 4. Michael Keen 14.188, 5. Kaiden Manders 14.272, 6. Kent Roberts 14.276, 7. David Hall 14.403, 8. Todd Davis 14.476, 9. Jamie Landrigan 14.503, 10. Daniel Salter 14.518, 11. Darren Mewett 14.634, 12. Robert Mould 15.036, 13. Luke Hughes 15.068, 14. Daniel Keen 15.370.

Heat One - 8 laps: 1. Darren Mewett, 2. Jamie Landrigan, 3. Luke Hughes, 4. Ben Van Ryt, 5. Luch Monte, 6. David Hall. DNF: Kaiden Manders. Total Time: 2.02.940. Winning Margin: 0.257. Fastest Lap: 14.583 Luch Monte.

Heat Two - 8 laps: 1. Daniel Keen, 2. Robert Mould, 3. Todd Davis, 4. Kent Roberts, 5. Daniel Salter, 6. Michael Keen, 7. Aldo De Paoli. Total Time: 2.01.684. Winning Margin: 0.510. Fastest Lap: 14.123 Daniel Keen.

Heat Three - 8 laps: 1. Michael Keen, 2. Jamie Landrigan, 3. Luch Monte, 4. Todd Davis, 5. Luke Hughes, 6. Robert Mould. DNF: Kaiden Manders (6). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.494. Fastest Lap: 13.987 Michael Keen.

Heat Four - 8 laps: 1. Ben Van Ryt, 2. Aldo De Paoli, 3. David Hall, 4. Kent Roberts, 5. Darren Mewett, 6. Daniel Salter, 7. Daniel Keen. Total Time: 1.55.508. Winning Margin: 4.011. Fastest Lap: 14.062 Ben Van Ryt.

Feature - 20 laps: 1. Luch Monte, 2. Michael Keen, 3. Ben Van Ryt, 4. Aldo De Paoli, 5. David Hall, 6. Kaiden Manders, 7. Luke Hughes, 8. Daniel Keen, 9. Kent Roberts, 10. Daniel Salter. DNF: Jamie Landrigan (9). DNS: Robert Mould, Darren Mewett, Todd Davis. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.167. Fastest Lap: 13.713 Luch Monte.


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