Bradford takes third AHG win


SEG posted Saturday February 10, 2018.


SHAUN Bradford won round 11 of the AHG Sprintcar Series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night, crossing the line ahead of Jason Kendrick and Brad Maiolo.

It was Bradford's third feature win of the season in the series - the only driver to claim multiple wins so far.

Bradford started from P5 but made his intentions known immediately, hitting the highline and rounding up the 360ci-powered cars in front of him.

He hounded AJ Nash on the first lap before bolting to the lead on the next circulation and never looked back for the full 30 laps.

Kendrick, who started from P8, was up to third by the fourth lap and then got to second two laps later.

Maiolo, who started from P7, was stuck on the inside line in the opening laps but managed to muscle his way into third by lap seven.

Bradford was opening up a handy lead but it was negated on lap nine when Scott Chatwin slid sideways coming out of turn two and was collected by Ben Van Ryt who had nowhere to go - putting them both out of the contest.

James Inglis did not restart the race, with a fuel pump coming off the #80 machine.

Bradford's motor stumbled a couple of times on the restarts and Kendrick tried to close the gap but was unable to make a telling move.

Maiolo got baulked by a lapped car at one stage and surrendered his spot to Kaiden Manders but on a later restart he reclaimed the spot.

In the end Bradford had enough momentum to take the win.

Manders held on for fourth after starting from P14 in what was a very solid effort.

Jamie Maiolo who started from P9, rounded out the top five.

He was followed over the line by Jamie Oldfield, Ryan Lancaster, Lisa Walker, AJ Nash, Aldo De Paoli, Tom Hooper, Liam Dowling, Ray Leonard and Daniel Keen.

Andrew Priolo crashed out on lap 23 after earlier hitting the fence.
Brad Maiolo started the night in the best possible fashion, claiming the Victory 1 Performance award.

In a new car he then won the first heat from Bradford, Lancaster, Oldfield, De Paoli, Inglis, Van Ryt, Priolo and Paul Peet.

Heat two went to Jamie Maiolo from Kendrick, Ben Ellement, Smith, Manders, Keen, Nash, Leonard, Hooper, Dowling, Daryl Clayden and Tom Payet.

The third heat went to De Paoli from Walker, Jamie Maiolo, Brad Maiolo, Van Ryt, Lancaster, Clayden, Priolo and Chatwin.

The fourth heat went to Inglis from Bradford, Manders, Oldfield, Ellement, Hooper, Keen, Dowing and Leonard.

Round 12 of the AHG Sprintcar Series will be held at Albany Speedway next Friday night - as part of the Western Swing for World Series Sprintcars.


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