AHG Series down to the wire


SEG Media posted Thursday March 1, 2018.


WHILE a lot of attention will centre on what the Krikke Boys event at Quit Bunbury Speedwayis all about this weekend - a championship is still on the line.

Saturday night will be the deciding round of the 2017-18 AHG Sprintcar Championship that is yet to be decided.

Heading into the final round, and with drivers had their worst round of points for the series so far, the reworked points ladder shows that it is tight at the top.

Jason Kendrick leads the series on 2218 points from Brad Maiolo on 2212, Jamie Maiolo on 2192, Jamie Oldfield 2120 and Andrew Priolo on 1924.

The gap between Kendrick and Brad Maiolo is just six points - which equates to just three places difference in the feature race.

The series is only awarded on feature race finishes - and pays 150 points for a win, 146 for second, 144 for third and two point drops for each position from there - so only the gap between first and second is four points.

This means there are plenty of scenarios that will see the calculators out during the feature race.

And adding to the equation is third placed Jamie Maiolo who is third and only 26 points between Kendrick - meaning he is only 13 places behind - not equating for one of them winning the feature race.

So if Jamie Maiolo finishes 13 places or more better than younger brother Bradley and Kendrick in Saturday night's feature race - the championship will be his!

Keeping up so far?

Be trackside at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night to see how it all unfolds.

AHG top 20: Jason Kendrick 2218, Brad Maiolo 2212, Jamie Maiolo 2192, Jamie Oldfield 2120, Andrew Priolo 1924, AJ Nash 1666, Jason Pryde 1262, Shaun Bradford 1260, Scott Chatwin 1250, Daniel Harding 1202, Kye Scroop 1110, Kaiden Manders 1028, Mitchell Wormall 1028, James Inglis 888, Matthew Cross 870, Ben Ellement 812, Daryl Clayden 794, Adrian Haywood 784, Darren Mewett 782 and Ryan Lancaster 756.

Saturday night nominations: Brad Maiolo, Carson Macedo, Daniel Harding, Darren Mollenoyux, Glen Sutherland, Jamie Landrigan, Jamie Oldfield, Jason Kendrick, Kaiden Manders, Lisa Walker, Michael Saller, Paul Peet, Tom Payet, Brodie Minchin, Kris Coyle, Darren Mewett, David Murcott, James McFadden, Jamie Maiolo, Jamie Veal, Jason Pryde, Kye Scroop, Luke Dillon, Mitchell Wormall and Taylor Milling.


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