Veal wins AHG Triple Crown final


SEG Media posted Sunday April 8, 2018.


JAMIE Veal won the 96fm Perth Power Palooza Grand Final at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night, and in doing so, won the AHG Triple Crown as well.

Veal won all three races of the Triple Crown series as part of dominant display by the Krikke MotorSport hired gun.

He won the epic 30-lap feature race from Brad Maiolo and Jamie Maiolo from the impressive LJM Racing, Myalup WA outfit.

Brad Maiolo claimed enough points to be second overall in the mini series, with Mitchell Wormall third.

Veal started from P8 in the final after earlier in the night taking a pair of seconds.

Ben Ellement was the first driver out of the main event when he put the W44 on its back wheels big time in pits bend and then flipped, with drivers behind him scrambling to avoid the carnage.

At the same time Dingo De Motorsport pilot Ryan Lancaster was running the high line and belted the fence, limping the W20 to the infield.

Jamie Landrigan was the next one out after he flipped in part of the track that went on to claim many more over the course of the race.

Brad Maiolo was lucky early on not to be out after he became very unstable in the dips coming out of pits bend and after then he opted to run a lower line.

Kaiden Manders, who started from P5 was the early leader until he hit the fence after four laps.

Shaun Bradford was out after 12 laps after belting the fence in spectacular fashion.

AJ Nash backed the car into pits bend on lap 16 for another restart and shortly afterwards Andrew Priolo put the NU-Style Living Racing W10 on the infield with a growing list of casualties.

Steven Ford, in his last show, clipped the fence, deflating the front right tyre to be the last withdrawal.

It was then a race to the line.

Veal put the pressure on Brad Maiolo with about 10 laps to go and after rounding him up, opted to run the lower line to avoid the ruts in pits bend.

Maiolo, who started from P6, held his line in the latter stages while big brother Jamie, who started P7, ran a slightly higher line in turns 3-4 to try and reduce the margin.

Only in the latter stages did Jamie switch to the lower line but he hadn’t nothing to mount a challenge.

James Inglis, who started P22, stayed out of trouble and played a cool hand to climb up the order for a very impressive fourth.

Wormall came from P15 to claim fifth in a similar effort to that from Inglis.

Adrian Haywood converted a P13 start to sixth, while Liam Dowling, who started on pole with a 360ci powered car, finished eighth.
Jason Pryde, who put together new car in the latter part of the week after the JPM team returned from the Easter trail on the east coast, was eighth after starting 12th.

Kye Scroop was the only other finisher, in ninth, after starting from P16.

The night ended abruptly for Robert Mould after he had contact with Veal on the main straight in the first heat race, rolling violently and damaging part of the catch fence that had to be repaired.

Daryl Clayden, who was also in his last race before retirement, finished sixth in his first heat - his only race for the night before the W45 was parked up.

Jason Kendrick crashed on the main straight after contact with Liam Dowling in heat four - the team managed to repair the W11 that started P19 in the final but struggled, before he pulled infield around lap 13.

Heat 1: 1st Jason Pryde, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Jamie Veal, 4th Adrian Haywood, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Liam Dowling. DNF: Rob Mould. DNS: James Inglis.

Heat 2: 1st Ryan Lancaster, 2nd Mitchell Wormall, 3rd Andrew Priolo, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Steven Ford. DNF: Scott Chatwin. DNS: Tom Hooper.

Heat 3: 1st Kaiden Manders, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Sean Zemunik, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Jamie Landrigan, 6th Daryl Clayden, 7th AJ Nash, 8th Murray Iwanow.

Heat 4: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Adrian Haywood, 3rd Andrew Priolo, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Liam Dowling. DNF: Jason Kendrick. DNS: Rob Mould and Scott Chatwin.

Heat 5: 1st James Inglis, 2nd Jamie Veal, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th AJ Nash, 6th Jason Pryde, 7th Jamie Landrigan. DNS: Daryl Clayden.

Heat 6: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Kaiden Manders, 3rd Ryan Lancaster, 4th Murray Iwanow, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Steven Ford, 7th Sean Zemunik. DNF: Tom Hooper.

Feature: 1st Jamie Veal, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th James Inglis, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Adrian Haywood, 7th Liam Dowling, 8th Jason Pryde, 9th Kye Scroop. DNF: Steven Ford, Andrew Priolo, AJ Nash, Sean Zemunik, Jason Kendrick , Shaun Bradford, Kaiden Manders, Jamie Landrigan, Ryan Lancaster, Ben Ellement (out on first lap). DNS: Murray Iwanow, Tom Hooper, Rob Mould, Daryl Clayden and Scott Chatwin.

Triple Crown top 20 points: Jamie Veal 450, Bradley Maiolo 392, Mitchell Wormall 386, Jason Pryde 382, Kaiden Manders 366, Jamie Landrigan 362, Jamie Maiolo 334, Jason Kendrick 318, Kye Scroop 286, Carson Macedo, AJ Nash 284 each, David Murcott 278, Luke Dillon 276, Darren Mollenoyux 274, Glen Sutherland 270, Kris Coyle 266, James McFadden 254, Jamie Oldfield 252, Brodie Minchin 238, Darren Mewett 236, Paul Peet 236 each.


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